LorAnn Oils and Flavors

LorAnn Super Strength Oils and Flavors

Using essentials oils in baking and candy making:

  • • LorAnn’s oils are about 3 to 4 times stronger that alcohol-based extract flavoring (an extract is a flavor diluted in alcohol or a combination of alcohol and water)
  • • To substitute natural essential oils for an extract, start by using ¼ teaspoon essential oil in place of 1 teaspoon extract. Some essential oils such as clove and peppermint are particularly potent. We recommend starting with less and adding more to taste.

Using essential oils in chocolate and chocolate crafting:
  • 1. All food grade essential oils are appropriate for use in real chocolate and chocolate coating (candy melts)
  • 2. Use approximately ¼ to ½ teaspoon per pound of chocolate or chocolate coating. Also ideal for flavoring candy centers and fondants
  • 3. To use, add oil to melted chocolate and stir to mix thoroughly. We recommend dipping a toothpick into the bottle and stirring into the melted chocolate. With these flavors, it’s best to start with a tiny amount and add as necessary. Use a new toothpick every time to dip into the bottle.